Monday, June 9, 2008

Long Weekend

This past weekend was one of the longest I've managed to endure in the past year. Four gigs per day is turning out to be crazy....good money, but crazy. At the moment I'm rather brain dead, dehydrated, and hungry.

I lost 10 lbs between Friday and today. That sets me at a total loss of 40 lbs since April. I'm so damn skinny now I need new clothes....wait, I'm getting off track. Let me explain this past weekend..

Thursday was a fun night with Tobin ( and the 100 or so people that turned out for trivia and music mashin'. After word, I spent most of the night at Emir's house trying to get a new DMX controller programmed.

Friday was mad crazy as the Rockies were back in town and I was trying to live off of an hour of sleep. I think between pre-game, post-game, and the massive downtown patio party that night I mixed for around 10 hours.

Saturday was insane! I was up at 7 AM, which is really early if you understand that I didn't get home until 4 AM, leaving me with about two hours of sleep (4 total in a 48 hour period). I was worried Emir and I weren't going to get to the 10AM gig in Golden (where they make Coors) on time because a ton of equipment was still set up in his studio. Breaking everything down and sorting out what we needed, followed by the 40 mile drive to Golden had me a bit stressed. Lucky for me Emir had Friday night off and took the time to sort and pack equipment.

We got to Golden (Heritage Square) on time and rocked the outdoor party. I was happy to be blessed with some great food during the event, as I didn't recall the last time I had eaten. After the fun in Golden it was time to split things up and roll.

Emir was off to do a huge party at the Denver Athletic Club downtown, and I drew the straw for a private party in Parker. My event started at 4PM which gave me one hour to get there and get things set up. I hauled booty and started right on time. The host of the party was a great guy with a super sweet collection of cars I'd love to own, and an estate built to drop jaws.....yeah, it was a nice party with nice people. I wrapped things up around 10PM and began the 40 mile journey to downtown. I got to the club around 10:45 and was laying down a rather aggressive set by 11. Soon the place was packed and soon enough I was done....then it was time for sleep.

Sunday: FRIGGIN' HIPPIES! I crashed around 6AM a group of hippies decided to have a Sunday sunrise prayer service and concert across the street from my house in a park. WHO DOES THAT AT 6AM? I couldn't sleep due to the off key singing coming from the weed smoking band. By the way, I didn't realize smoking grass and drinking 40oz bottles of King Cobra went hand and hand with church!

I got up and tried to pull myself together with whatever energy was left. I ended up going down to Jacksons around noon to make sure I didn't leave something important behind from the night before. It was really just an excuse to get away from the hippies.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a request to play and afternoon set on the upstairs patio. Being the nice person I am, I complied. The set ended up going until around 9PM. Finally....a chance to sleep! Off to home to go to bed!

Owwww yeah...Terencio my longtime friend and great roomie was having a birthday party for himself. In a nutshell, I got to see a ton of old friends, but missed out on sleep. Now its Monday and I'm still trying to balance on about 10 hours of sleep since sometime last week....

Sorry about the horrible grammar....I'm tired. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rain Rain

Its been raining for almost a week straight. The falling water by itself isn't bad at all. Conversely, the wind that sweeps violently over the mountain and into my bedroom window is less than comforting.

Looks like Saturday is another big day. Four gigs between 8 AM and 2 AM is going to make for a long day. Although I'm sure to be beat by the time last call hits, it will be nice to get out of the club vibe for a minute and work a couple corporate and private events. Speaking of such, now is a great time to mention another Dangerous Dan business endeavor.

Teaming up with DJ Emir (, we've created Colorado's premier Sound and Light company. Coupled with an entertainment arm we're sure to be rockin' parties around the state and region soon. Santana & Hyatt incorporates state of the art Audio and Visual elements to satisfy any event. We've got a website coming. I'll make sure to post it. We can do anything from a concert to an intimate wedding. Good things shall come. If you're interested in booking please shoot me an email at :

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm still alive!


So its been forever since I got off my hide and posted anything. I'm going to attempt to post something everyday from here out...

Where have I been? Lets just say Colorado Rockies + Too Much Gambling + Party Party Party/Work Work Work....enough said.

Check out the myspace page for more pictures.

While you're at it, feel this Morningstar remix of Daft Punk's "Touch It"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Begging vs Networking

This is a great blog I actually stole from DJ BEDZ who borrowed it from DJ Vlad..

Networking vs. Begging (by DJ Vlad)

"Your network determines your net worth"

A lot of people email me everyday to try to 'network'. Most of the time, they don't understand what networking really means.

Your network is people that you have done actual business with - not people that you have seen in the club. I've had conversations with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Puffy multiple times. I didnt' have any business that I could bring to them at that time, so they're not in my network.

I met Paul Wall before he got his deal, but he already had built up a strong following and had a history of doing big shows and selling a lot of albums. I put him on my mixtapes and dvds. Once he got signed, he did verses for my songs without charging me. He would also reach out to connect with artists like Keak the Sneak for his own songs, which I would hook up. Paul Wall is in my network.

I met the founder of when he was first starting his company. I had a recruiting company and helped to hire a lot of his first employees. The company eventually became a billion dollar company, and the founder bacame a multi-millionaire. Whenever I've brought good business ideas to him, he would put up the money and help to develop the businesses. He's also in my network.

"I'm hot but I'm broke, put me on" is begging

"I've got a project with a budget that I want to work with you on. We have $10,000 dollars for you upfront" is networking

"I'm gonna blow up one day and then you can take your cut" is begging

"I've sold 20,000 copies of my last 2 releases and have the soundscan numbers to prove it. Let's do our next project together and we'll split the profits" is networking

"your beats are hot, let me bless one for free" is begging

"I would like to purchase beat 9 right now - let's work out a price" is networking

"I wanna get signed" is begging

"I have deals on the table from Interscope and Def Jam. I need to build up my buzz more so I can get a better deal. Let's work together and I'll give you X% of the deal" is networking

Professionals network with other professionals. Hobbiests network with other hobbiests. If you make your living off your music - you're a professional. If you don't earn your living off your music - you're a hobbiest. This is not my opinion - it's the dictionary definition.

(If an artist has a bigger BUZZ than you and asks for a fee to collaborate, don't get mad. If you can't AFFORD it....get your own BUZZ and then work together)



Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Evolution

I'm am totally worn out. I doubled the workout, I actually have abs!


Finally, I thought the Winter weather was gone....but now the weather Pimp is hollerrrin' for a chance of snow. Argggg g g g !

In spite of this (hopefully) last cold flurry for the Denver Metro I am eagerly anticipating Jacksons Evolution. The Evolution is a new approach to the worn out club environment. It incorporates music, acting, special effects and of course tons of fun.

Apparently we're doing guest list and VIP only. Soooo, if you're planning on being in Downtown Denver anytime this Summer go to and sign up for the free list. More on this exciting promotion later....

For now, check out this sweet Electro track from
Aaren San - Osc Low Nyzz (Blende RMX)

Monday, April 21, 2008

I can feel my legs again

Apparently the workout isn't hardcore enough. I can feel my legs again today, and they told me I need to work harder!

Day 3, to look Rico Suave for the rad chic: Stair sprints! I talked to this cool bartender I work with, who is also a super workout star. She told me to do sprints to boost the metabolism. I have a ton of stairs at home, so I made a nice little routine of cardio exercise I learned in elementary school and coupled them with stair sprints....

In other new DJ Emir talked me into going to see DJ Green Lantern at Bash last night. I've always been busy when the Lantern has come through, so I tossed on the bullet proof vest and headed down to 19th and Market. I submit the following:

1. I didn't feel as threatened as I have in the past at Bash....and much to their credit, no one shot up the club last night.

2. Obviously I didn't stand in the crowd, rather, I simply made my way to the DJ booth to watch the action up close. There were good and bad aspects to my close proximity to Green Lantern.

First, I got to watch the light jock in action and learned a few things. Second, I realized that Green Lantern is a total ..emmmm...mean person. I lost total respect (I didn't really follow him before anyway) for this guy.

Green Lantern is decent on the mic, but everything he does is substandard to most local resident DJ's. He played the same set twice in less than two hours, and Lollipop by Lil Wayne four, FOUR, 4, friggin' times! To top it all off he was very egotistic and just downright mean to anyone that talked to him!

Why would a club continue to bring such a self centered idiot that can barely draw a crowd of MAYBE 150 in for $7,000 a night? It was pathetic to see how much was accommodated. A huge limo dropped him off and picked him up, plus the club had to pay for two of his homies to fly out with him....I'm not done!

The club manager was trying to be as accommodating as possible. Lantern asked for a bottle of Hennessey, and they brought bottle service to the booth. After it arrived, he started yelling at everyone about how it could spill. So, they took the bottle away, then he started yelling about not having a drink. Still trying to please the Lantern (who was already loosing most of his crowd) they brought him a full cup of Henny. After he got a bit drunk it seemed like he calmed down a bit, or not.

Nearly halfway through his performance he started yelling at me. "These chics suck, I only want bad ass chics on the stage!" He barked. I simply gave him a disapproving glare.

Upon concluding his set there were quite a few fans hanging around to shake his hand, take a picture blah blah blah...Rather than being chill he continued his ego trip all the way to his limo.

My view on touring is simple. People pay you to rock the party. Show up, be nice to everyone, do it big, let everyone know you're on their level and the nicest person in the world, get the money, go home. It doesn't matter if your fan base is ghetto, or influential, poverty stricken, or affluent TREAT THEM LIKE FAMILY.

Green Lantern is a great example of someone who doesn't have roots, or who forgot where they came from. His remixes aren't that great either (although his production work on Money Maker by Luda was impressive). Next time you want to hire Green Lantern, just give me $50 bucks. I'll make a mix TAPE that will rock the party harder!

On a lighter note, Steve Aoki is coming to Denver on May 24th. Steve is a great example of someone who battled through obstacles to get where he's at. His dad started the Benihana restaurant chain but never really gave Steve any money. Aoki ended up living a lower middle class lifestyle and was somewhat of an outcast. He eventually broke free and became a trend setter for the indie, punk, urban, electro crossover demographic.

I have to play the night Steve Aoki comes to town, but if you're a REAL music fan of indie to mainstream swing by Bar Standard and check out his set.....of course he won't go on until 12:30, so you can always come to Jacksons and listen to my set first :)

P.S. Thanks to Emir and the Bash staff for being cool last night.

Here are some tracks I play quite frequently, and that appear on the Steve Aoki mix cd:

Scanners - Low Life (LA Riots RMX w/uffie guest drop)

Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (w/Kid Sister Guest Drop)

and one more DIM MAK records track...this is one of my favorites and was a monster track last year!

Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Push it to the Limit

Sunday, day two of the hardcore exercise to look Rico Suave for the rad chic!

I ran about 2 miles today in sprints, and walked an additional mile and a half. Now, I can't feel my legs. I think tomorrow I'll rest. Then get back to the routine Tuesday!


Here are a few other good workout tunes (and they work well in the club too!):

Services - Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Bloc Party - Banquet

Bob Sinclair - Gym Tonic

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (DJ Dupri Rework)